A New Hair Care System To Help With All That SHEDDING!

A New Hair Care System To Help With All That SHEDDING!|www.thetressclub.com

Thank you Kerastase for this new product line to help all the ladies (and long-haired gents) with the often-crazy amount of shedding we all experience. (Seriously though, “why do I shed so much” is one of the most common questions us hair stylists get asked!)


It can be really concerning to see a pile of hair at the bottom of your shower, to see your brush pile up with hair after each use, or to see all the split ends and loose hair on the floor after your blow dry or style it. But the truth of the matter is... The longer your hair is, the more it's been through, and the more tired it is. So it falls!


Those days are now over friends- enter GENESIS. *BUT- It is not a hair loss system. Instead, it delivers precise ingredients to all the right places on your scalp and hair strands optimizing them for a long shelf life on that head of yours!






Ginger root is rich in fatty acids, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous and vitamins that will work together to make your hair stronger, healthier, shinier, and even claims hair growth over time!


Arginine + Caffeine are natural stimulants for hair growth!


Edelweiss Native Cells are plant stem-cells that are rich in antioxidants and stimulate hair growth.


Honestly… Need I say more?


Kerestase is known in the beauty industry as the cream of the crop. I think of them as a high-end vitamin or medicine that doesn’t just cover up a problem at hand, but will actually fix it. It’s worth every penny and is no surprise to me that they are still top-of-the-line after all these years.


Click the images below to shop our favorites from the line!

 BAIN (SHAMPOO) HYDRA-FORTIFIANT for weakened hair due to brushing and styling

MASQUE RECONSTITUANT Treatment mask for weakened hair prone to shedding


DEFENSE THERMIQUE (heat defense) to protect hair from breakage and damage due to heat styling


SERUM FORTIFIANT Daily Scalp Serum for weakened follicles


Don’t know where to start? We always recommend trying a mask, heat protectant and shampoo first if you are stuck and want to slowly try out a new brand. Happy Shopping!

A New Hair Care System To Help With All That SHEDDING!|www.thetressclub.com


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