Are Expensive Blow Dryers Really Worth It?

asian woman blowdrying her hair

We can definitely see how you would opt for the cheapest options when it comes to buying a blow dryer. If it gets your hair dry what else can you really ask for, right?




Let’s break down all the reasons why spending the extra bucks will actually give your hair a ton of extra value.


Ionic Feature Will Dry Your Hair Faster $

Ready for some science?  The water molecules that are immersed into your wet hair have a positive ionic charge to them. Ionic blow dryers emit negatively charged ions into your hair breaking up each water molecule into smaller bits until your hair is dried. This means less hot air is needed to do the deed, which will save your hair from large amounts of split ends and unnecessary dryness.


Ceramic Dryers Will Smooth Your hair And Add Shine $$

Ceramic plates are put inside the blow dryers to create a special infrared heat that preserves your hairs natural moisture and shine. It distributes heat evenly throughout your hair giving you a quick, even blow dry without turning heat to damaging temps.


Tourmaline Dryers Dry Hair The Quickest And Leave It The Shiniest $$$

Tourmaline is a rare gemstone that gets crushed into a fine powder and gets infused where the dryers air heats and passes through. This component releases even more negative ions that not only effect the water molecules, but smooths out the outermost cuticle layer of each strand leaving it smoother and shinier than ever. You can expect a tourmaline blow dryer to cut 40% off your drying and styling time! Time is money, and that’s worth every penny in our opinion.


Hopefully now you understand why spending a little more on added benefits will help your hair in the long run. The more money you spend on a dryer, the less you will spend working on your hair saving you damage, dryness, dullness, and precious time you could be spending elsewhere.


Which one are you dying to try out?! Tell us in the comments below!



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