Buyer Beware- Everything You Need To Know About Discount Shopping For Hair Products

Buyer Beware- Everything You Need To Know About Discount Shopping For Hair Products

We’re looking at you, Amazon.

Yes, we’re instant gratification kind of consumers- after all, It’s pretty amazing to click “buy now” and see it arrive on your doorstep right away.


But when it comes to our personal care products it’s always worth waiting an extra day or two to know that your product you are using on your body is coming from a reliable, safe source.


High-end product lines have their retailers sign contracts forbidding them to sell the brand on Amazon. They do this for quality control and liability reasons to protect not only themselves, but the customers too!


Pretty much anyone can sign up to be a reseller on Amazon, so needless to say, not all resellers on amazon are trustworthy reliable sources.


So, what is the big risk when we blindly shopping for hair products on a third-party app?


Unless the seller is a direct, legitimate reseller of a certain brand, or it is coming directly from the brands warehouse, there is no guarantee that the product you are ordering isn’t expired, tampered with, or watered down.


If the product is passed around to multiple resellers before it hits amazon, they no longer can guarantee their products are safe and effective for consumers to use.


So how do we tell if something is sketchy on amazon?


The price! If it is more expensive on amazon, that usually means it is discontinued or being sold illegally to meet a demand. If it's cheaper on amazon, that means they purchased the goods illegally or it could be expired, tampered with, or not up to code to sell at a legit retailer.


Common occurrences of purchasing from non-professional resellers include:


-watered down product

-harmful bacteria within the product

-discontinued product (aka expired product)

-added filler ingredients (who even knows what these could be) to dilute product so they can sell more quantities


Yuck, right?


When you shop from an actual designated retailer of a brand, you may have to wait a day or 2 longer for it to arrive, however…


-you will receive product with a 12-24-month safe shelf life

-you will not over-pay for marked up product to cover an illegal reseller’s overhead

-you will not have tampered with products with mystery ingredients

-you will not have bacteria in your products


You will also be helping small to medium sized businesses! That may not mean much to you, but it sure means a lot to these exclusive boutique brands.


Xoxo, the tress club

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  • A few years ago my esthetician was out of my moisturizer so I purchased a bottle from Amazon. No way was it legit. I had used that product for years and it didn’t smell or feel right. Never again.

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