Collagen Peptides: The Beauty Industry's Hottest Hair Growth Supplement

Collagen Peptides: The Beauty Industry's Hottest Hair Growth Supplement|

It’s no secret that collagen peptide supplements are a huge buzz right now. Let us just tell you that it 100% lives up to the hype!

Let’s dive in on the beauty industry’s hottest supplement!

What are collagen peptides?

Our bodies naturally produce collagen proteins every day. These proteins make up 30% of our body’s proteins benefiting the bones, tendons skin and our biased favorite: hair. However, as we age we slow down collagen production and this number decreases.

How does it affect hair and nail growth?

Hair and nails are made up of Keratin. In order for your body to create keratin there are certain amino acids that need to be created in order to start the process. Collagen proteins are broken down by our bodies into amino acids that are obtained through diet! (or supplements)

Collagen will regenerate the skin cells at the scalp optimizing the hub for new hair growth and health.

How does it protect my hair?

Collagen helps defend your hair follicles from free radicles including emotional stress, environmental stresses, and lack of nutrition- leaving your hair protected and ready to grow some beautiful hair!

How will it benefit my skin?

Your skin is actually 75%-80%collagen. It is the plump glue that holds your skin together making it elastic and buoyant. When age runs its course and production slows down is when fine lines and wrinkles appear. So, a collagen supplement will be absorbed and used to replace the collagen you are no longer producing!

Your skin will look healthy, glowing, bouncy and the appearance of fine lines will decrease. YES PLEASE!

What is a good brand and how do I use it?

Our favorite brand is Further Food and is currently being featured in our Spring box and on our website! It is an odorless, tasteless (unless flavored) powder that you can add to literally anything. Water, coffee, tea, soup, oatmeal, brownie mix (healthy brownies? Yes please!) anything that you can mix it in, you can put it in!

The list of health benefits is huge. It is considered a superfood and is great for your gut and bone health. However, we’ll leave those details to the health professionals ;)

Disclaimer: We are not doctors, and nowhere near close to being nutritionists so always make sure to consult with a trusted medical source if you are wary of trying new natural supplements. It is not vegan or vegetarian.

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