Four Reasons Your Hair Needs Aquis Prime Hair Care

Four Reasons Your Hair Needs Aquis Prime Hair Care|

Aquis is a brand we really resonate with because they are all about one thing. Healthy hair. They believe in 4 different core hair truths, and have come out with 4 different products to go along with them!

Are you ready to have your mind blown about the number one cause of hair damage?
Wet hair is weak hair. Most of the damage being done to your hair happens when you are washing your hair in the shower! Crazy right? Thankfully Aquises four step system was created to reverse the side effects caused by the hydral fatigue your hair experiences when wet.
So, without further ado... Here are the four reasons your hair needs Aquis Prime Hair Care, and you are going to fall in love with AQUIS.

Step 01: Prime Water Defense Prewash

Truth: Wet Hair Is Weak Hair.
Why We Love It

Coconut Oil and Amino Acids protect your hair from natural moisture loss and sets hair back to its natural pH leaving hair frizz, tangle free, and protected from water causing damage. (Let’s be real, they had us at coconut oil.)

Step 02: Prime Rebalancing Hair Wash

Truth: Lather Doesn’t Mean Clean
Why We Love It

Plant-derived cleansers and Amino Acids help renew and refresh your strands without stripping moisture. It maintains your hairs natural pH from Step 01 and keeps your hairs outer layer smooth to reduce tangles and frizz! Because who has time for tangles and frizz? Follow with Step 03, and keep in mind your conditioner will be the very last step.

Step 03: Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban

Truth: Strong Hair Is Dried Quickly And Gently
Why We Love It

Aquis’ special AQUITEX fabric is designed to wick and absorb the moisture from your hair cutting dry time by 50%! That means you have more time to do all of the things. You’ll love how fast their special fabric absorbs all the water. In a matter of minutes you’ll be ready to start styling. Follow with step 04!

Step 04: Restorative Leave-In Conditioner

Truth: Heavy Doesn’t Mean Hydrated
Why We Love It

Avocado Oil delivers weightless yet buildable moisture throughout your tresses. We love that YOU control how much moisture goes into your hair by how much you spray, and where you spray it. It seals in the natural moisture of your hair and maintains it’s healthy pH setting it up for success and protection until your next hair wash. Conditioner is the most important part of any hair care routine, so we love how Aquis formulated it to be a leave-in instead of rinsing all those amazing benefits literally down the drain!

Well babes, what do you think? Are you surprised to learn how damaging washing our hair can be? Clearly that’s not something we’re ever going to give up, so we want to thank Aquis for coming up with this amazing system.
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