Four Ways To Help Your Hair Stylist Achieve The Look You Want

hair stylist blowing drying/ styling client hair

Hair appointments can be intimidating. The fate of our hair and how we look is in someone else’s hands and it’s up to us to tell them what we want.

We promise you, that the pressure is equally on them as well. They want to give you everything you have ever hoped and dreamed for your hair. But they need your help, babe.

So, let’s make a to-do list so you can breeze through your next consultation and give your stylist all the info they need to give you the hair of your dreams!

Bring pictures

Find pictures that are the closest to what you actually like, and try to narrow it down to just one or two of them. Tell your stylist what it is exactly that you like about each photo-and more importantly tell them what you don’t like about it as well!

Use your body as reference points for your stylist

Its WAY more efficient speaking body language than it is speaking metrics. Describing how much you want off in inches leaves way too much room for error. What looks like an inch to you may be 2 inches to them. Using your body as reference (chin, collar bone, shoulder for example) will be a constant reference point for your stylist throughout the hair cut!

Use other people in the salon as inspiration

Chances are there will be someone walking around there that has the type of look you’re going for. Don’t be shy to point them out and say “that’s what I want!” They’re going to be flattered if they hear it anyway

Avoid leaving it at “I want my hair ashy” or “I want my hair warm”

While these are good requests to start with, they are nowhere near descriptive enough for your stylist to nail it on the head. Warm can mean yellow, orange, red and copper while ashy can mean blue, gray, purple or green. If you do want one or the other, refer back to number one in the to do section and bring a picture closest to what you want.

The takeaway? When in doubt bring pictures. And when you can’t quite articulate what you like, saying what you dislike is just as helpful!


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