How To Fix Hard Water Damage To Your Hair

How To Fix Hard Water Damage To Your Hair|

First things first, babe. All water is NOT the same! And the truth is, our hair and skin know this best.

Brassy hair, oily roots, and excessive shedding are just three examples of side effects of hard water. Unless you have a soft water heater installed in your home($$$), then chances are you have experienced some type of hard water damage on your hair or skin!

But not to worry love. As always, we have solutions for you across all different budgets!

Malibu Hard Water Treatment

How To Fix Hard Water Damage To Your Hair|

Just $3.99 per packet! This is the quickest, easiest & most affordable way to get rid of water damage INSTANTLY! Use one packet once a week to maintain brass-free, mineral build-up free hair that is healthy, shiny and bouncy! After rinsing your shampoo, apply salt crystals throughout your hair and let them sit for 5 minutes before you rinse and follow with conditioner- so easy!

Invest In A Water Filter Shower Head

How To Fix Hard Water Damage To Your Hair|

A simple change to a shower head with a built-in water filter will eliminate the issue at the source. You can find options at Amazon, Target, Home Depot or Sephora- all different sizes and price ranges to fit your budget and shower!

Use a clarifying shampoo once a week



Using a cleansing or clarifying (same thing) shampoo once a week will really help strip your hair of the mineral build up over time! This is a great option for someone who wants to take the first step into taking better care of their hair and protecting from water damage.


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How To Fix Hard Water Damage To Your Hair|


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