How To Make Your Hair Style Last Multiple Days

How To Make Your Hair Style Last Multiple Days

Ever wondered why your hair looks good on day one but the next day it loses its shape and style? We’re going to tell you the 5 best secrets to making your hair style last a few days!

A good Prep And Prime

Putting a style primer into your hair before you go at it it is going to build the foundation that your style will rest upon, and will give it memory to bounce back for days to come!

Make Sure You Actually Dry It All The Way

Most hair styles fail because you’re rushing it and not drying it all the way through. Even if your hair only feels a tiny bit damp to the touch and looks okay, after 20 minutes your style will completely fall (or frizz). TIP: to make your blow dry time go MUCH faster, rough dry your hair to 85% with your hands before you fine tune with a brush.

The Perfect Setting Spray

Find yourself a “Flexible Hold” or “Light Hold” spray and it will hold your hair without being too heavy. For those that need something a little stronger, find a “Finishing Spray” or “Strong Hold” and you will have the perfect amount of grit and hold to make sure your hair stays put!

A Shower Cap

Once the slightest bit of steam comes in contact with your hair it’s all over. Even if it looks ok right out of the shower, over the next few hours the water will continue to penetrate into your strands which will cause your locks to let go of your style (or frizz). Cap up, ladies!

Silk Pillow Case

Sleeping on silk will minimize friction between your head and your pillow. Meaning no more bed head (at least a lot less of it)! Friction not only causes frizz and roughness, but also a lot of damage and breakage to our strands!

And there you have it, loves! The perfect recipe and instructions for creating a hair style that will last you multiple days. Don’t forget to keep up with your dry shampoo!

So, tell us? Which one of these are you going to try out next time you need a long-lasting style? Fill us in in the comment section below!


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