How To Pick Your PERFECT Shampoo And Conditioner Pair

April 28, 2020

How To Pick Your PERFECT Shampoo And Conditioner Pair

Having the perfect shampoo and conditioner set is the secret to healthy and manageable hair. With an overwhelming amount of options out there from different product lines, packaging, and different "types" it’s really no wonder why people are choosing the wrong ones for themselves.

We want to help you find your perfect set, and we promise you your hair game will level up!

Step One:
Decide What Your Primary Concern Is

The shampoo you choose should address your primary concern

Step Two:
Decide What Your Secondary Concern Is

The conditioner you choose should address your secondary concern


It’s OK to mix and match your set in order to address both concerns!

EXAMPLE: If your primary concern is your hair is flat, but you also feel like your ends are dry then grab a volumizing shampoo for your roots and moisturizing conditioner for your ends!  

Step Three:
Know the Key Words And What They Mean For Your Hair

Moisturizing: Lightweight moisture to help smooth out dry ends and put shine and suppleness back into your strands

Volumizing: Adds volume and texture to each strand. Usually makes hair feel rougher than normal to the touch to create a full looking texture

Repairing: Filled With Protein to strengthen hair which causes hair to strengthen and feel less soft to the touch over time

Step Four:
Make Sure You Are Meeting the Needs Of The Hair Services You Receive  

Do you color your hair? Then you should choose a shampoo that states it is color safe.

Do you have a Brazilian Blow Out or any other type of smoothing treatment? Then you should be choosing products that are sulfate-free.

You spend a lot of money on your hair in the salon, so you want to make sure you are using products that are going to help your hair thrive and last until your next appointment!

Sooo... Have you been doing all the right things while shopping for your hair products? If not, don't stress. We are here to teach and guide you in the right direction. If you still feel stuck, go ahead and check out our quarterly hair box service where we send you all the right products for your hair for the current season based on your hair type! 

Shop the boxes!

How to Pick Your PERFECT Shampoo and Conditioning Duo|

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