How To Revive Your Hair After A Sweaty Workout

How To Revive Your Hair After A Sweaty Workout

If you’re anything like us, using the excuse of not wanting to ruin your clean hair by sweating during a workout is a very frequent occurrence.

 4 Tips How To Revive Your Hair After A Sweaty Workout

However, sweating it out is incredibly good for you (and your hair) so don’t let this hold you back any longer! Here are a few easy tricks that can save your locks from getting ruined from your exercise.


Dry shampoo BEFORE you workout

Waiting until after your workout to douse your hair with dry shampoo is waiting too long. Spraying dry shampoo at your roots and through the middle of your hair before you start will soak up the oil and moisture as you workout!


Blow-dry your roots when you get home

Try your best not to let your sweaty roots air dry on their own. If you wait too long the oils will settle and the hair will begin to separate at the root. Blow dry your roots as soon as you get home and spray more dry shampoo or hair perfume if needed for extra freshness.


Ditch your regular hair ties

Using a scrunchie or large claw clip to loosely tie your hair at the gym will allow more air flow throughout your hair and scalp, which will keep it from getting too moist at the root. It will also prevent any weird kinks or bends throughout your hair once your untie it afterwards.


Stay away from heavy products until your next wash

Now that your hair has been revived from a dirty state, you’ll want to stay away from any heavy oils, hair sprays, or shine products until you wash your hair again. Let your natural oils do their job and moisturize your hair!


And there you have it, babes! We hope these simple tricks help you ditch the excuses and embrace your workouts!

And if the endorphins alone aren’t enough motivation to get you in the gym, remember- a good workout will increase blood flow to the scalp leaving it stimulated and ready to grow thicker, longer hair!




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