If You're Considering Using A Box-Dye On Your Hair You Should Know This First

two hair colors in a black mixing bowl with brush

Always tell to your hair stylist before a chemical service if you have used a box dye on your hair before.

If you’re reading this, chances are you are considering dying your own hair. We’re not here to tell you what to do, but before you start applying box dye to your tresses, you need to know the risks.

There Is More To Dying Your Hair Than Picking A Name Off A Box Or Looking At A Picture

Hair color is not a one size fits all formula. A color formula is based on your stylist’s prediction of what underlying colors are going to come out of your natural hair when it comes in contact with the chemical. For example, dyes have mixtures of gray, blue, purple, yellow, red, green, and brown. Choosing your color based off the name of the box or the picture on it will give you no indication of the proportions of those scary colors we listed above, leaving it in the hands of the hair gods to decide which of them is going to take over and be prominent. Doesn’t sound like a fun risk to take, does it?

Whatever the outcome, know that it will be permanent.

Ammonia and Peroxide are the two main ingredients that open up your hair’s cuticle allowing the color to do its thang. Once you have broken the bonds that allow this to happen, there is no going back without more chemicals. Whether the outcome of the color is good or horrible, it will be permanent and will take either months to grow out, lengths to cut off, or money to be spent at the salon fixing it.

Color Corrections Are Two to Three Times MORE Expensive Than Regular Color Services

We totally understand that coloring your hair is not cheap and adds up very quickly when you are keeping up with the maintenance. However, color corrections are easily one of the most expensive services a hair stylist has to offer. They can take hours, and really can do a toll on your hair depending on how many color applications is needed to fix the issue at hand. Instead of trying to do this all yourself, consider making a complimentary color consultation appointment with a professional hair stylist and talk about low maintenance color options. Hair color done right can last up to a year and will still grow out gracefully and look amazing! That is money well spent.

The Harsh Ingredients Will Cause A Scene Sooner Or Later

Box hair dyes are formulated with metallic salts. These ingredients are added to cause a chemical reaction with the sulfur in your hair strands to create the color outcome. The only problem with this, is that they will now live inside your hair and will react with other chemicals used in the future until it either grows out or gets cut off. Best case scenario for a metallic salt reaction would be heavy brassiness as the color fades. Worst case scenario is the hair burning or melting off when you try and color it with any type of hair color in the future, professional grade or not. No thank you!


If you are wanting to color your hair then it’s always best to seek professional opinions before doing so. Always remember that color consultations are usually complimentary and ALWAYS HELPFUL. 


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