New Arrival: Say Hello To The Best Hair Brush Ever

Kitsch Wet/Dry Brush | The Tress Club
If you have never used a flexible bristle brush before… I just have one question for you:

What did you hair ever do to you?

We all brush our hair. Now is the time to start brushing it right to keep our strands in tip-top shape.

Kitsch’s Wet/Dry brush has 4 key benefits…

Minimize Breakage

Their super flex bristles gently glide through your tangles instead of ripping through them. This means less breakage when brushing! (because did you know that brushing your hair can sometimes be just as bad for it as heat styling?)


Gently Stimulates Scalp

Have you ever used a brush that just felt ROUGH on your scalp? Whether you have a sensitive scalp or not, you’ll enjoy the gentle feeling of the bristles lightly exfoliating your skin as you brush your hair. It’s great for hair growth!


Quicker Detangling

I CRINGE when I see people rip through their tangles to brush their hair quickly. Let me repeat myself:  brushing your hair can sometimes be just as bad for it as heat styling when ripping through tangles. No need to take it slow with this brush, it’s bristles are designed fingers for quick detangling!


Consciously Made by Plant Materials

Sustainability is a trend I will always be behind, I hope you’re with me on that!


Click to shop and use code ONTHEBLOG20 for 20% off! Happy brushing, babes!


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