SPRING CLEANING: Why It's Time To Get Rid Of The Old Products In Your Cabinets!

March 23, 2020

SPRING CLEANING: Why It's Time To Get Rid Of The Old Products In Your Cabinets!|www.thetressclub.com

*Please, stay home*

We all have that bathroom cabinet that is dedicated to all the hair products, skincare products, and makeup that we keep around “just in case we might need it.” Well babe, if it’s been hanging out longer than one year it has probably expired. What does it mean when a product expires?
An expired product means that the ingredients inside made to preserve the quality and prevent bacteria have expired, and are now inactive. Yuck!

Sooo… What better time to spring clean than a mandated quarantine? Let’s get to it!


The symbols above indicate how long a product will last after you open it! If you have had a product longer than the symbol on the back of it, throw it away. It's now filled with bacteria and the active ingredients aren't active anymore!

Spring cleaning challenge: clean out your cabinets and get rid of all the expired products. tag us @thetressclub on your IG story with a picture of everything you have purged! 

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy through this difficult season. Sending you all the love!


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