The 411 On Toning Shampoos

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Toning shampoos are pretty damn magical. I know I can’t live without mine in my weekly routine. They keep your hair brass free, moisturized, and keep your color looking fresh saving you time and money from stretching out those color appointments.

If you dye your hair and are looking to keep a previous color looking fresh af, you NEED to add this to your regimen!
There are a few types of toning shampoos out there





Purple And Silver Are For Blondes Or Gray Hair

If you like your hair to be very neutral or on the ashy side purple is your girl! Purple cancels out yellow on the color wheel so if your hair is feeling very yellow and warm then this should fix that right up.

If you feel like your color isn’t that brassy and warm but needs a little refreshment now and then, silver will be your best bet. Silver shampoos tend to be less pigmented and strong so it wont overtone your hair like the purple might in this case!

Silver shampoos also work wonders on all the silver foxes out there. It will keep your gray from looking yellow and dull.

Blue And Green Are For Brunettes

Blue cancels out orange. Green cancels out red.

When you color your natural or artificially colored brunette hair, it is ALWAYS going to lift warm. You may leave the salon with the perfect color, but if you aren’t good about keeping up with your appointments you will be brassy as soon as that toner washes all the way out.

This is where the blue and green shampoo will help. If you have medium to light brunette hair with a lot of orange tones, we suggest opting for the blue option.

If you have medium to dark brown hair and it shines with a lot of red tones in the sun, we suggest the stronger green option.

Remember: always follow the directions on the back of the bottle

Overuse can cause some funky colors to happen! just keep in mind that if it does, then it will wash out quickly seeing as it is only staining your hair and not actually dying it.

And there you have it! When you are in a bind and need to keep your color fresh for as long as possible, you are going to need to be using one of these at least once a week.

Which one are you dye-ing to try? tell us in the comment section below!




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