The Best Ways To Cure Damaged Hair

The Best Ways To Cure Damaged Hair

Sooo... The damage is done.

Sometimes our hair just needs a little extra TLC. Even though you can’t completely mend those ends, you can definitely prevent them from breaking further. Here are a few of the best ways to cure damaged hair.

Ditch the home remedies and get a haircut 

Come on, you know exactly what we’re talking about- we’ve all read the articles about these amazing at home remedies that help bring your hair back to life. While egg washes, coconut oil masks, apple cider vinegar treatments may do something, they wont cure your damaged ends like a nice trim will. When you go in for frequent trims you will prevent your hair from breaking at whichever length it feels like, and will keep your ends strong and durable.

The dynamic duo

You need moisture, and you need protein. Sure, both are good on their own, but together they are an insane powerhouse that will protect and fight for your precious, fragile locks. Without moisture, the protein will cause your hair to become overly dry and susceptible to brittle ends. Without protein, your hair won’t get its extra boost of strength that it desperately needs. Look for these two major key words in your shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask and you will be set!

ALWAYS use a leave-in conditioner

 We can’t stress enough how important leave-in conditioners are for the health of your hair. Leave in’s vary in benefits ranging from UV protection, heat protection, protein, moisture, shine enhancing and more. Even if you do not do a lot of styling to your hair on a daily basis, there are other things harming your hair. The heater in your house or car, sun exposure while outside or driving, and sleeping on your pillow at night are all environmental factors that leave in’s will hep protect you from.


We hope this helps, babes. Always remember that you, and your hair are worth the extra TLC. Never miss another juicy post again! Make sure you’re signed up below and you’ll get some extra love and tips sent straight to your inbox.


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