Who Knew This Alcoholic Beverage Would Do Wonders For Your Hair?

November 05, 2020

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Pop the bubbly! We are ready to put a nice night cap on the year (bye, 2020!), and to remind you that now more than ever self-care should be at the top of your to-do list.

We invite you to grab your favorite drink and get cozy while we tell you all about the three products that are going to have you feeling luxe, fabulous and refreshed this Holiday Season.

Cuvee Beauty’s Champagne infused hair care's philosophy is that using high quality, clean ingredients will create the healthiest scalps that will grow the healthiest hair. Their blend of champagne extracts, truffles, and ingredients derived from high-end skin care will have your hair GLOWING and growing from the inside out! Plus, who doesn’t love a Champagne theme?


Sugar Scalp Scrub

Cuvee Beauty|The Tress Club|www.thetressclub.com

Healthy hair starts at the roots, and our scalps need exfoliating just like our faces do!  Moisturize with luxe sugar while scrubbing away any dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin cells or product buildup that may be blocking your gorgeous hair from growing.

Mix a nickel sized amount with your shampoo and scrub your scalp first. *Don’t forget- shampoo is meant to cleanse your SCALP not your ends! When you rinse your scalp with the shampoo your ends will get cleansed with the perfect amount of shampoo washing through it.


Champagne Infused Shampoo

Cuvee Beauty|The Tress Club|www.thetressclub.com

You can expect a luxurious cleansing experience followed with high shine to your hair and a softness that you won’t be able to stop touching! Your scalp and hair will feel refreshed and energized. Over time, you can expect a balanced scalp and stronger, much shinier tresses-roots to ends.

Lather, rinse & repeat the luxe experience and be rest assured you are free from any harsh sulfates or harmful ingredients.


Champagne Infused Conditioner

Cuvee Beauty|The Tress Club|www.thetressclub.com

A champagne infused conditioner with top tier ingredients that will provide protection from any heat styling you will be doing this season. This unique blend of champagne and skin care infusion will provide lush moisture and insane shine without all the greasy buildup! A

Add a quarter sized amount through the ends of your hair after shampooing and massage any extra into your scalp! Leave on for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to rinse well!

You can find ALL 3 of these and more in our Tress Club Holiday Hair Boxes! Want a reminder for when this box launches on Black Friday?! Follow the link below!

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All this Champagne talk is making me thirsty, cheers loves!

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