The Real Reason Your Shampoo And Conditioner “Stop Working” On Your Hair

The Real Reason Your Shampoo And Conditioner "Stop Working" On Your Hair|

What if we told you that your hair isn’t just “getting too used to your shampoo and conditioner”? That there is an actual reason why you stop reaping the benefits of your hair products, why they just “stop working.”

It's actually really simple.
Hair does not get used to hair products. If you notice your everyday products stop working or don’t work as well, its because your hair needs something different at that point in time.
People don’t realize that our hair changes just as much as our skin and bodies do.

Your age, your diet, the current season, and how you treat your hair on a regular basis are all factors that can completely change your hair- and change it fast.

Think about it, on days that our skin feels dry, we put lotion on. On days that we are going to be in the sun, we put sunscreen on! On days that we wake up with a new break out, we put our favorite acne fighting cream on.

So of course, it only makes sense that our hair would need the same personalized care. Especially considering our skin and hair are both made up of the same proteins!

So, what do you do when you feel like this is happening with your products?

Start to dissect your hair to figure out what it needs. If its extra oily lately, you probably should cut out the moisture products you are using. If its feeling overly dry, maybe lay off the protein products. If it’s feeling really damaged, then you should definitely invest in protein products!

But remember, these will be temporary fixes and your hair won’t need the same remedy forever.

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