Always Skip Grocery Hair Care

Always Skip Grocery Hair Care

If you can buy hair care at a grocery store, a pharmacy, or a convenience store, do your self a favor and don’t do it.

There are plenty of reasons why hair products typically found in drug stores are so affordable. One of them being because they use the cheapest ingredients they can find. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to our personal care products. We’re here to spill the tea.

4 Reasons Why Drugstore Brand Hair Care is Horrible For Your Hair

They Are Filled With Harsh, Harmful Chemicals That Are Bad For You And Your Hair.

It takes 26 seconds for our skin to absorb chemicals into our bloodstream. These mass produced products have to utilize whichever ingredients are more cost effective to keep their prices as low as possible (think laundry detergent grade sulfates). But is that really what you want to be rubbing into your scalp and have running down your body as you shower?


They Will Cause Product Buildup In Your Hair

The silicone ingredients found in all of these products are water-insoluble, meaning water alone can not rinse them out of your hair. Have you ever finished styling your hair only to have it look the same, if not more oily than it did before? Does your hair flake when you brush it? Does it get oily the same day you wash it? Does it never really smell that clean? Unless you want to lather, rinse, repeat for eternity, we suggest you ditch these products.


Metallic Salts Found In The Products Will Effect How Your Hair Color Turns Out At The Salon.

Your hair stylist can artistically only do so much before the inevitable force of science takes over. These harsh metallic salts found in the products WILL have a chemical reaction with the coloring products your stylist uses. This will cause undesirable color results or even worse, chemical damage to your hair. Not to mention the build-up we talked about in #2 will make it 3 times harder for the color to even penetrate through the product before it reaches your hair in the first place!


 You Won’t Be Helping Your Hair Live To Its Fullest Potential

Your hair is only going to be as good as the products you use. $5 shampoo is not going to upkeep your $165 hair color. We’re definitely not saying you need to go out and spend your whole paycheck on hair care, however a little extra investment on your hair products are really going to go a long way when it comes to your hair's health and condition.


So.. Was this eye opening for you?

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