Why Your Hair Care Regimen Should Change With The Seasons

Why Your Hair Care Regimen Should Change With The Seasons

Your skin care routine, wardrobe, and scented candles shouldn’t be the only things you swap out with the change of the seasons.

Here’s a breakdown of each season and what you will need to ensure your hair is getting all the nutrients it needs year-round! Here is why your hair care regimen should change with the seasons.



The temperature has dropped and everything is starting to slow down-including hair growth. Since our hair is growing at a slower rate this season, we want to make sure were taking extra good care of the hair that we have!

If possible, avoid pointing the heater vents in your car away from your face and hair! This is like pointing a blow dryer to your locks without moving it for extended periods of time. Yikes! No wonder we’re feeling dry and damaged. However, cold air and wind aren’t any better. They don’t just tousle your hair around- it’s also severely drying it out.

To help counteract all these factors, make sure you are doing a moisture mask at LEAST once a week.



Things are starting to warm up and our skin and scalp are playing catch up. It’s totally normal in the spring time to experience more oil production at the scalp than you have been used to having the past few months.

As hard as it may be, try not to over-wash your hair to avoid drying out and damaging your ends.

Instead, try to find a dry shampoo that you love! Spray at the roots and let it absorb that oil that is residing on your roots.

A tip that we love here at TTC is spraying dry shampoo at our freshly clean roots! That way, it’s already there to absorb the oil as it comes.



Ah summer, one of the funnest, busier seasons of the year! Chances are you’re too busy soaking up the sun, traveling, socializing, or adventuring around to worry about taking proper care of your hair. But be careful, because it can really catch up to you fast. This season your hair needs the most TLC.

 You want to make sure you are giving your hair moisture AND protein. The heat, sun, chlorine, and salt water are all very harsh on your hair and causes a very large amount of irreversible damage.

We recommend alternating protein and moisture products with each wash to make sure your hair is as strong as it can be! Whether this be your shampoo & conditioner, leave in, or weekly hair masks, you want to make sure you are getting both moisture and protein from anything you can.

Are you a swimmer? A quick tip for keeping your hair healthy while swimming is to get your hair completely wet in the shower or the sink BEFORE you dive in. Your hair dry is like a sponge- it will completely soak up the first amount of moisture it sees. So- if you soak it with normal water first there won’t be much room for the other stuff. ;)



Towards the end of the warm season and the beginning of fall it’s totally normal for you to experience more hair shedding than usual. This is all a part of the growth cycle. So unless you are seeing actual balding spots on your scalp, a handful of hair in the shower is really nothing to worry about.

Using a mild scalp exfoliator will really help to optimize your scalp health! You can drop the protein products from summer for a while but make sure to keep up with your moisture masks at LEAST once a week.

To help reduce shedding you should brush your hair 2-3 times a day. Sleeping on a silk pillow case will also help reduce the friction while you sleep to make sure everything stays nicely in place while you dream!


We hope this was an eye opener for you babes! Seasons come and go, but we have our tresses for a very long time- it’s important to give it the love it needs to thrive!



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