You’ll Be Shocked To Learn How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Hair Tools

You’ll Be Shocked To Learn How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Hot Hair Tools|

Ok… We all have that one friend who is using her old blow dryer from 10 years ago that fades in and out of hot air. We also have that one friend who is using their old, squeaky hair straightener that has rust and build up on the sides of the plates.

And Let’s be real… Some of us are that friend. (I know I’ve been there!)

So we’re here to give you permission to treat yourself to a new upgraded hot tool, and if that’s not enough to convince you then here’s a bunch of reasons to scare you into it 😉

The Thermometer Inside Your Iron Could Be Broken

Do you all remember that viral video of the girl literally burning her curl off at the root with her curling iron? I’d bet my daily coffee intake on that happening because her thermometer was broken causing the heat to be WAY too high for her hair type to handle.

The Infused Minerals Will Become Depleted Over Time

Ever notice how your hair never looks shinier than it does when you use a new tool fresh out of the box? Ceramic irons and blow dryers have minerals baked into the material that are heat activated and transferred onto your hair during contact. These minerals will definitely last a while, but once they are used up, they cannot be replaced. You can expect your minerals to last for 1-2 years based on how much you use it.

Wiring That Becomes Loose Or Frayed Is Dangerous

AH! If your cord is split, or if you see any of the inside cords popping out then you are at risk for a spark, electric shock or a smoke show (not the good kind)! A tip to keep your cords good as new is to avoid tightly wrapping your tool when storing it. Loosely gather up the cord and make sure there are no sharp dents or twists in your cord.

And Our Most Favorite Reason Of All, Is Because You Deserve To Treat Yourself

Think of your hot tool as an investment. Spend a little more money on something that will last you the full 2 suggested years before you have to buy a new one. Who wouldn’t want to sign up for two years full of amazing hair styles?

So are your tools more than 2 years old? Which old tool are you going to replace? Tell us in the comments below!

Happy shopping, babes!

You’ll Be Shocked To Learn How Often You Should Be Replacing Your Hot Hair Tools|


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