Your Guide To Help Your Hair Beat The Humidity

Your Guide To Help Your Hair Beat The Humidity

Humidity… every curly, naturally frizzy or coarse haired babes worst fear. This post hits home for us over here, so if you feel like it applies to you too then we’re in this together!

follow the tips below to make sure your hair doesn't frizz out or fall flat in humid weather!

Prime your hair with a product that has memory and hold

A Blow-dry or air-dry cream will work wonders protecting your style in the humidity. Both types of products offer a soft finish but have a good amount of memory and hold to them. Meaning when the humidity tempts those strands to go astray, it will keep them exactly where they should be!

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Anti-humidity spray 

You may think your regular hair spray is going to be enough to keep it protected from the moisture in the air, but that is not always the case. Unless your hair spray specifically states on the back it has anti-humidity properties, you aren’t going to have much moisture protection. There are a few sprays out there that are made to shield from moisture, and will become your new best friend!

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Find a style that can’t easily be ruined by moisture

Now is a good time to try out some braids, ponytails or even a cute top knot! We always feel better in the humidity knowing our hair is tied up, and out of the way and won’t get frizzy when we step outside.


Use Accessories

Never underestimate the power of a headband or a hair clip. Not only are they super cute and very in-style right now, they can hold you hair in just the right places to hide the extra-frizzy spots.

Tell us in the comments below which one of these #hairhacks you are going to try out next time you’re in a humid climate!


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Your Guide To Helping Your Hair Beat Humidity|


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