Aquis Prime Restorative Leave-In Conditioner

TTC’s favorite. This bad boy is meant to stay in your hair and do its thang delivering moisture, high shine, and weightless control all the way up until your next hair wash. You can either use this in place of your conditioner and leave it in as you style your hair after your shower, OR you can use your other in-shower conditioner and use this as a last final leave-in treatment before you style. 

DON’T FORGET! It’s a buildable formula. That means you can use as little or as much as you want to without worrying about it being too heavy. 

Good for all hair types. 

For fine hair focus on ends and stay away from roots. 1-2 layers and you’re set!

Medium-coarse/curly hair should focus on extra dry feeling areas, and spray 2-3 layers all over!